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I had gone through searching many schools before I found Mandarin NOW and I must say this was a superb decision to join Mandarin NOW. You are doing great work and Ella is a superb teacher and human being. Thanks a lot for everything!!
I am really enjoying the classes with Lena at Mandarin NOW. She creates a safe environment in the class where I feel comfortable talking, making mistakes, and asking questions. She has made learning Chinese feel much less "scary."
Mandarin NOW has a very interactive and holistic approach to learning Chinese. The lessons are throughly designed to be useful for everyday life with focus on all language learning skills-Oral,listening,reading and writing. And of course the teachers are super fun and great!!
I had a number of Chinese teachers and can really recommend Mandarin now. The teachers are excellent and their enthusiasm for teaching Chinese was infectuous. The lessons were fun and I made excellent progress in both written and spoken Chinese and will be back to further improve my Chinese. An excellent choice for learning Chinese.
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